Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan

This plan sets out how we aim to deliver resilient drainage and wastewater infrastructure for the next 25 years.

A summary of our plan

Our Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan (DWMP) identifies how we are addressing pressures on our drainage and wastewater systems to ensure our services remain robust and resilient.

These pressures include climate change, population growth, storm overflows, tightening environmental standards and changes in customer behaviour.

The plan sets out the required level of investment to enhance our assets and networks to ensure we continue to deliver drainage and wastewater services to our customers in a sustainable and affordable way.

We have worked with our stakeholders, regulators and customers to create our plan, which has been produced in line with other water companies in England and Wales to ensure a consistent approach across the water industry.


invested to upgrade our sewer network in the last five years


is being spent every month to tackle storm overflows


invested to build a super sewer in Bristol to meet future demand

Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan

Maintaining a resilient drainage and wastewater system

Discover how we aim to manage our drainage and wastewater infrastructure to protect customers and the environment now and into the future.