Offering help to thousands of customers most in need.

Supporting our customers

At Wessex Water we are better equipped than ever when it comes to looking after each and every one of our customers. We are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to ensure that our customers receive the support they need.

This involves:

  • delivering customer care tailored to the individual
  • ensuring our service is inclusive and accessible to all
  • giving our colleagues the tools, training, confidence, and awareness needed to deal with every situation they could face
  • working closely with other customer support organisations across our region
  • encouraging engagement with customers who are financially vulnerable
  • building relationships of mutual trust with debt advice agencies/partners
  • supporting an integrated approach to debt management
  • offering tailored solutions with flexibility to meet an individual’s financial circumstances.

Support we offer

We are continuing to improve the skills and knowledge of our telephone and field colleagues through specialist training, often developed and delivered by our advice partners.

This includes mental health awareness, spotting the signs of financial difficulty, bereavement training and dementia, suicide and deaf awareness.

Priority Services

This free scheme offers a range of services to customers who have additional needs including those due to age, ill health, disability, poor literacy or mental illness.

Liaising with a growing number of community-based organisations outside the debt advice sector, and the use of geographical mapping, is helping us to engage with customers who are in vulnerable circumstances. By 2025 we aim to expand the reach of our Priority Services Scheme to 7% (90,000) of our customer base as outlined and agreed with Ofwat.

Find out more about Priority Services.

Wessex Water Foundation

We also continue to support financial capability and money management projects in our communities through the Wessex Water Foundation.

Launched in summer 2020, and working in partnership with Community Foundations across our region, the Wessex Water Foundation provides funding to projects that bring people together and build stronger communities.


If you represent or work for an independent charity or body that provides advice and support to our customers, who may struggle to pay their bills, then we want to work with you.

Together we can support customers throughout our region, particularly those who are having difficulty affording their water bills, or who have additional needs that we should be aware of in our day to day services.

Our PartnerHub provides you with information on the support we offer and gives you access to resources to help you raise awareness and apply for support on behalf of our clients.

Every Customer Matters

Vulnerability Strategy

At Wessex Water we are better equipped than ever to identify, reach and support people in vulnerable circumstances.