Strategic Direction Statement

Our Strategic Direction Statement explains how we plan to address key challenges concerning climate change, affordability, biodiversity, and service excellence.

About our Strategic Direction Statement

We support all aspects of life in our region. Safe and reliable water and wastewater services are essential for our day-to-day lives, our wellbeing, and our natural world.

Our Strategic Direction Statement showcases our long-term strategy. It sets out our vision and ambitions through to 2050 transparently and has been developed in partnership with more than 1,600 customers, businesses, employees, and stakeholders.

At its heart are eight outcomes that have been co-created with our stakeholders and customers.

These outcomes and aims are highly ambitious and will see us transition from being a pacesetter in water to performing a far wider role in society, including as a leader in environmental stewardship.

We set out clearly how we aim to deliver these outcomes over the coming 25 years.

What are our outcomes

Portrait image of Executive Director of Wessex Water, Colin Skellett

Our PR24 business plan will be the first staging post in the delivery of these 2050 outcomes. We need to continue investing so we can meet the stretching long-term targets we have co-created with our customers and stakeholders. In so doing, we will also play our part in delivering national policy ambitions, including on net zero and environmental enhancement as set out in the 25-year Environment Plan.

Colin Skellett,

Chief Executive

How we are going to deliver our eight outcomes

Within Wessex Water, we will need to secure some changes to enable our transformation and deliver the outcomes set out in this plan.

We have identified six enablers that we need to ensure are embedded in our business over the long term, centred around strong financing and governance, and empowered people.

These enablers are as follows:

Empowering our people

  • Culture, inclusion, and diversity: we will have an inclusive workforce that reflects the cultures and diversity of the region we serve.
  • Individual safety, wellbeing, and engagement: our colleagues will be safe at work, proud to work for us, and fully engaged in their roles.
  • Skills, knowledge, and opportunity: our colleagues will have all the skills and knowledge they need to confidently carry out their roles.

Financing the future

  • Market-led outcomes: we will harness the power of markets to drive the most efficient solutions.
  • Resilient financial stewardship: we will demonstrate long-term financial stability.
  • Strong governance, ethics, and accountability: we will prove that we are honest and ethical in the way we conduct our business.

Our key priorities for the future

Our Strategic Direction Statement

Our strategic direction statement sets out what we aim to deliver for customers, wider society, and the environment. We set out our key priorities for the future, based on wide and continuous conversations with our customers and stakeholders.