Open Data Strategy

This strategy sets out how we plan to ensure our data remains open, transparent, and aligned with our company goals.

A summary of our strategy

Our Open Data Strategy supports the principles and long terms goals of our wider data strategy, driving the culture and behaviours to enable trust and transparency, ownership, collaborative working, and sharing best practices across the water industry.

This strategy demonstrates our commitment to making data open and will be regularly reviewed by our Open Data Champion, alongside our supporting tools and process which ensure open data is delivered.

Our open data commitments

In support of our open data vision and aim, we commit to the following four commitments:

  • engaging and supporting our data community to bring us closer to our customers
  • strengthening our data processes to ensure a consistent approach
  • leadership and collaboration – treating our data as a valuable asset
  • restoring trust through open data.

A truly open data culture

Our Open Data Strategy

Learn more about how we plan to continue to achieve open data and positively influence the evolution of this across the water industry.