Durleigh wetland

Durleigh wetland traps and removes sediment from Durleigh Brook before it enters our reservoir and treatment works downstream.

About the wetland

The wetland slows the flow of the brook, allowing sediment to fall before the water enters our reservoir, which prevents it from getting blocked up and problems forming in our treatment works.

The project involved constructing a three sedimentation wetland to collect the sediment, as well as reconnecting the brook with its floodplain to trap sediment during flooding.

We built a new 455m long section of river channel and created two new habitat features throughout the brook to enhance biodiversity. We also installed footpaths to provide the community with access to the brook.

What impact has it had?

The wetland has helped to improve the quality of water that enters our reservoir and treatment works, while also increasing biodiversity throughout the brook.

The project has led to a:

  • 30% reduction in suspended solids (including sediment and silt)
  • 73% reduction in ammonia
  • 35% reduction in total phosphorus
  • 55% increase in the biodiversity value of habitats on site
  • 75% increase in river biodiversity value.
Durleigh Wetlands Through Reeds
Durleigh wetland
Dragonfly At Durleigh Wetlands
Dragon fly located at Durleigh wetland