Investment Engineer

How did you apply to Wessex Water?

'When I joined Wessex Water originally, I completed an Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation (EM&I) Apprenticeship over a three-year period with Wessex Water. Upon completion, I then moved on to become an EM&I Technician.

During my time as an EMI technician I continued my professional development and started an Electrical Engineering HNC. I worked on waste water treatment for the first 12 months and then moved to water production maintaining electrical and mechanical equipment.

I always wanted to continue developing and progressing within EM&I so once my HNC was complete I moved onto study an HND in Electrical Engineering. I progressed to an EM&I Assistant Manager in 2015 where I was responsible for a team of Electrical and mechanical technicians working across the region on both waste water and water production sites.'

What does your job entail and what do you most enjoy about the role?

'I wanted to understand and develop my knowledge of the finance involved with running our waste water treatment areas and to enable this I moved into my current role as an Investment Engineer.

In my new role I am responsible for managing the investment needs based on the current risks in the Southern area. Along with this I am in charge of the Southern asset team, asset servicing team and energy optimisation engineer.

And it doesn’t stop there!

In the future I am hoping to progress further through the company and develop my skills and understanding in different key areas of the business.'