How long have you worked for Wessex Water?

'Initially, I joined as a contractor, got to know the team well and then when a vacancy became available, I applied, interviewed and got the job.'

What attracted you to Wessex Water in the first place?

'I was attracted because it’s a top ranking water company, ‘Premiership’ of the drainage world. Great job package.'

What does your job entail and what do you most enjoy about the role?

'I am a sewage operator. I unblock sewers, maintain Wessex Water assets and keep the sewers of the north region flowing. I mostly enjoy the fact that every job is different, every blockage is different and you are constantly learning so no two days are the same.'

Tell me about your team and what you like most about working with your colleagues at Wessex Water?

'We have lots of knowledge in the team, people from all different aspects of life and backgrounds, we all get along well and work well together. Best group of sewage operators in the region in my opinion.'

Why do you think Wessex Water is a great place to work?

'Wessex Water offers a great package, along with the pay. The company wants to hear feedback often on how we can improve things, no matter how small. The company is always looking for ways to make sure we are happy and enjoy working here.'

What do you enjoy most when not working?

'When I’m not working, I enjoy taking my boxer dog out for long woodland walks.'