Water Recycling Operator

How long have you worked for Wessex Water?

'I joined Wessex Water just over a year ago.'

What does your job entail and what do you most enjoy about the role?

'My job is to maintain water recycling centres in the Bournemouth area, ensuring high quality of effluent discharging to water courses such as the River Stour. I do this by keeping sites clean, inspecting and lubricating mechanical equipment, reporting Health & Safety issues, and using telemetry systems to monitor the treatment process. I also liaise with management, scientists, and engineers on a day-to-day basis about schemes, projects, and breakdowns.'

Tell me about your team and what you like most about working with your colleagues at Wessex Water?

'I most enjoy the variation of the job. Our work is heavily affected by the weather, and different challenges are faced throughout the seasons; heavy rain or drought, intense cold or heat. These all have ramifications on the process and our day-to-day work changes accordingly.

We have eight operators including myself, who report to our team leader, scientist, and area manager. I am the youngest on our team at 28 and have the most to learn! There are a great mix of people; sportsmen, musicians, anglers, car enthusiasts, and so on. Each have used their personal and professional experience to develop their own style of operating, and each have invaluable knowledge to be passed on.'

Why do you think Wessex Water is a great place to work?

'Wessex Water is a great place to work because whether you are supplying drinking water to people’s homes or recycling the waste that arrives at our treatment works, we all know how vital our service is to life, and how rewarding that can be. We are well looked after, PPE and tools are available to us as we need them, as well as support to help us with our physical and mental health.'

What do you enjoy most when not working?

'Outside of work I am a pretty eclectic music lover and can’t wait to get back to live shows and festivals. I also enjoy board games, balancing winning and letting my girlfriend win to make sure she continues to play with me!'