Jetvac Operator

How long have you worked for Wessex Water?

'I heard about a job going with Wessex Water from a friend who was already working in the company, that was eight years ago.'

What attracted you to Wessex Water in the first place?

'I’d heard that Wessex Water was a great company to work for and looked after their staff. I also hear that there were opportunities to move on and better your career if you wanted to. Job security, pension, 28 days holiday and all clothing PPE required for your job roll were also on offer.'

What does your job entail and what do you most enjoy about the role?

'My job is a ‘Jetvac Operator’. This requires a Class 2 Driving Licence, operating both 18 tonne and 26 tonne Jetvacs. We work as a two-man crew cleaning main sewer network, emergency work and ad-hoc work for other departments within the company. We also carry out maintenance work for the water recycling centres, field work with remote track plant and cover the whole Wessex region as a team.'

Tell me about your team and what you like most about working with your colleagues at Wessex Water?

'The Jetvac team has 23 staff in total. The team is a good team to work for, we all pull together when needed in challenging situations. My work colleague has years of experience and we work really well together, with a ‘can do’ proactive attitude and we love to rise to a challenge.'

Why do you think Wessex Water is a great place to work?

'Wessex water is a great place to work and I would recommend joining the company to anyone. There’s job security, pension scheme, health and safety is the best I’ve known within the industry, everything you need is provided on joining.'

What do you enjoy most when not working?

'When I’m not working for Wessex Water the most important thing for me is family time. I enjoy going away in the caravan with my family and relaxing and taking family walks in the countryside with our labrador Charlie. I also enjoy our football club with my young boys.'