Biodiversity Action Plan

Our Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) details our duties, commitments and targets for conserving and enhancing biodiversity across the region.

A summary of our plan

The plan acts as our overarching strategy for how we impact and work with the natural environment throughout our business.

We aim to conserve and enhance biodiversity across our land and region, as well as doubling our contribution to the region’s biodiversity over the next 25 years.

We also plan on improving or creating habitat on our landholding which will achieve a minimum of 5,000 biodiversity units by 2050.

What does the plan aim to achieve?

Through our BAP, we will conserve and enhance biodiversity by:

  • improving how we manage our land
  • minimising the impact of our activities
  • supporting partnerships and projects
  • boosting biodiversity through our catchments
  • increasing the use of nature-based solutions
  • planting more trees.

Our region contains:

Over 470

Sites of Special Scientific Interest


Special Areas of Conservation


National Nature Reserves

Biodiversity Action Plan

Conserving and enhancing biodiversity

Learn more about our biodiversity aims and the actions we plan on taking to support the environment throughout the area we serve.