Climate Change Adaption Report

This report sets out how we plan to adapt to climate-change-related hazards that could affect our services.

A summary of the report

We recognise the importance of preparing for climate change to ensure our business is resilient to the potential impact it could have.

We are also committed to reducing our environmental impact, which includes achieving net zero operational emissions by 2030 and net zero total emissions by 2040, to ensure we are doing our bit to tackle the problem.

In our report, we discuss the actions we will be taking to make sure we are prepared for adverse weather conditions brought on by climate change.

What does the report cover?

Some of the main areas this report covers include:

  • our climate and extreme weather
  • future climate change risk and adaptation in
  • the UK the main climate-related risks to our business
  • our actions to adapt to climate change.

By 2030

we aim to achieve net zero operational emissions

By 2040

we aim to achieve net zero total emissions

By 2050

The Government aims to be net zero

Climate Change Adaption Report

Adapting to climate change

Learn more about the potential impact climate change could have on our business and what we are doing to adapt to the impact it has.