Current partners projects

We are proud to be supporting several environmental projects from 2020 to 2025 with the goal of enhancing biodiversity throughout the area we serve.

Wider Wylye Strategy

The Wider Wylye Strategy brings together a series of projects and programmes of work between 2020 and 2025, which aim to enhance the River Wylye catchment for wildlife and people, while also increasing the resilience of this unique chalk stream in the face of our rapidly changing climate.

The project will involve:

  • restoring natural processes in the river and floodplain by enhancing at least 5km of river and 10 hectares of floodplain
  • engaging with hundreds of children and adults in local communities in the catchment to build awareness to help protect this chalk stream
  • working with land managers and stakeholders to create a more climate-resilient environment.

Dorset Wild Rivers

The Dorset Wild Rivers project involves delivering biodiversity enhancements that support multi-functional water environments in Dorset. The project will see the organisations work in partnership with local communities, land managers and the general public to ensure they buy into the work.

The project aims to improve: 

  • the morphological function and ecological integrity within river systems
  • sustainable catchment management through providing advice to farmers
  • the implementation of innovative strategies for nutrient and river management
  • the functionality of rivers and wetlands leading to the enhanced delivery of multiple ecosystem services.

Wilder Waterways

The North Somerset Levels and Moors is an extensive area covering around 8,000 hectares of low-lying wetland. We are working in the Land Yeo catchment, which is east of Clevedon in North Somerset, as part of the Wilder Waterways project.

The project aims to:

  • identify key opportunities for improvements in the area through an online story map to reimagine a future for the Land Yeo and its surrounding landscape
  • engage with communities along the Land Yeo to explain the river’s story and role
  • engage with landowners and river users through citizen science, walks, talks, demonstrations, advice and nature sessions
  • deliver a resilient landscape where nature can thrive by improving water quality along the Land Yeo and within Tickenham, Nailsea and Kenn Moors
  • expand the area of re-wilding along the Land Yeo and help the farming community prepare for new opportunities.

A Better Biss Approach (ABBA)

ABBA is a project with the goal of restoring and delivering benefits to the River Biss and its tributaries. We are supporting the project to help make improvements to the river in Westbury and Trowbridge.

The project aims to:

  • restore and enhance the catchment by connecting and creating areas for wildlife in urban and rural settings
  • improve the water quality of the catchment and address other reasons for poor condition
  • promote the importance of the river corridor in Trowbridge and Westbury for wildlife, access to nature, health and wellbeing, and heritage
  • promote the river in high-level strategic planning and development across the catchment.