Customer insight

Customer feedback helps us improve our day-to-day services and plan future investment.

How we seek customer feedback

There are several different ways we seek customer views and feedback, ranging from continuous feedback to ad-hoc surveys as well as business plan research.

Customers can tell us what they think by:

  • joining our Have Your Say Customer Panel and feeding back every three months about a range of topics
  • being part of our Young People’s Panel (aged 16 to 18)
  • responding to our text survey which you will receive if you have been in contact with us.

Additionally, we also engage every day with customers about our day-to-day service using telephone, text surveys, feedback cards, Trustpilot and social media. And with the help of independent researchers, we also seek the views of customers and stakeholders via group discussions, workshops and online surveys as well as telephone or face-to-face interviews.  

Customer Challenge Group

We also engage with customers via the Wessex Water Customer Challenge Group (CCG) which brings together a range of stakeholders.

Chaired by Dan Rogerson, former Minister for Water, the Challenge Group comprises members from various organisations representing customers and stakeholders including the Consumer Council for Water (CCW), Age UK, Citizens Advice and the Environment Agency (EA).

Formerly known as the Wessex Water Partnership, the group has been operating since 2016.

Meeting three to four times each year, the group’s main role includes monitoring and reporting on how we deliver our services as well as providing advice and challenging us on these key areas:

  • any proposal to share outperformance with customers
  • policies such as customer engagement, customer service, affordability, vulnerability and tariffs
  • our preparation for the next price review and business plan for 2025-2030.

To find out more visit the Wessex Water Customer Challenge Group website

Our Business Plan 2020-2025

Our business plan 2020-2025 sets out our vision, defines the challenges to overcome and describes how we will go about making bills affordable for every household and deliver an exceptional service based on our customers’ convenience, not ours

What you told us

You gave us views on what we should be focusing on to maintain and improve the services we provide over the next 25 years.

You told us that:

  • you wanted to be kept updated when we carry out work on your behalf. So, we introduced our Customer Care team who regularly contact you with updates. We've just started the rollout of our job tracker so you can follow progress online in the same way you can track a parcel
  • you were keen to see further investment in innovative technology so we can continue to reduce leaks in an efficient way over time. Leakage is now half what it was in 1999
  • you were pleased to hear about the support our Every Customer Matters scheme is offering to customers who are in vulnerable circumstances and have complex needs.